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Mobile gambling

Mobile gambling - the future of the online segment
The global gambling industry has been reoriented several times in its development according to current user needs. What to expect from 2021 and why mobile gambling apps will be the main trend of the year - read the article

According to App Annie, 60% of global gaming revenue in 2020 will come from the mobile segment.

Mobile phones and PDAs are part of the everyday life of the average person in modern society. Everyone from grandmothers and teenage schoolchildren to corporate executives have mobile devices.

Modern tablets, smartphones and mobile PCs have become an integral part of people's lives and can be used not only as a means of communication or to get information, but also as a way to earn money (stock exchange, stocks) or have fun in mobile casinos .

Growth of mobile gaming

People are so hooked on modern gadgets that most of the diverse activities have migrated to the online sector. One can listen to music, watch movies and read books with the help of a mobile phone, one can shop online and, of course, gamble. Tellingly, the mobility of gadgets allows these activities without being tied to a location. What do you need for that? A reliable, modern device and an Internet connection. A few decades ago, in order to make a bet, a Russian had to visit a specialized institution, but now it can be done "on the go" - standing in traffic, waiting for a doctor's appointment or right at home. In recent years, online gambling has begun to replace land-based gambling.
The chart illustrates the growth rate of the mobile segment of the gambling industry. Approximate revenues from mobile gaming are shown in billions of dollars from 2017 to 2021. The compound annual average growth rate is 17.3%.

The chart shows the approximate revenue growth of the mobile gaming sector since 2017. In terms of statistics, total revenue from mobile gaming is projected to surpass the $100 billion mark in just a couple of years.

It is significant that of all the variety of mobile gaming, it is the mobile gambling apps that are only increasing in potential and popularity. Since smartphone screens are much smaller than desktop computer screens, websites lend themselves to modification for comfortable use. Remote gambling sites are no exception.

What's next?

Over the past few months, the track record of online gambling has only added to the achievements. This suggests that gambling will soon become one of the biggest mainstream online industries. Parallel to mobile betting platforms, mobile casinos and online gaming with virtual reality elements are likely to grow strongly and stimulate each other.

Despite the technological improvements and the increase in the number of mobile casino apps, we should take into account the fact that not all countries allow such a format. For example, in the Russian Federation, online gambling and all its forms have been legally banned since 2006.

Due to the growing demand, programmers and developers are improving their products, and therefore the market has started to divide into segments, where some of the content is of higher quality. Why does this business model work? The success of the business model comes from knowing the needs and psychology of the consumers of the product. After all, it is more likely that the user will prefer rewards and additional incentives to the online segment than to spend their own money.

Final considerations

Online business regulations vary from country to country, and this is especially true for the gambling industry. Leaving aside those countries where it is strictly forbidden, the United States is the country with the strictest regulations for online gambling. The Asia is not far behind; some of the top mobile gambling apps are already available to the Asian players.

From the user's point of view, a mobile app is first and foremost a convenience and time saver.

As a reminder, Norwegian online gambling operators have formed a new industry association to promote initiatives to review restrictive gambling policies.

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